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About Color Glaze Ceramics Tableware


Let's explore the characteristics of color glazed ceramic tableware together!

Color-glazed porcelain, also known as color-glazed porcelain, relies on the change of the color of the glaze to decorate the porcelain. Usually, adjusting the content of various trace elements in the glaze can achieve the purpose of changing the glaze color, such as copper red, cobalt blue, iron black, lead green and so on. It is also a beautiful product made by hand, with exquisite workmanship.

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Good colored glaze is famous for its simplicity, beauty and timelessness. Color glaze porcelain has always been loved by people all over the world, such as the famous Song Dynasty Ru kiln sky blue glaze, official kiln powder blue glaze, Longquan kiln plum blue and so on. The achievements made by Chinese ceramic artists in the Song Dynasty are unparalleled so far, and ceramic tableware is famous all over the world!


Color-glazed porcelain tableware is directly painted on the embryo before the product is fired, and it is fired at a high temperature. It belongs to underglaze ceramics, and the patterns on the porcelain are artificially painted, which has artistic value. It is a tableware product with a different style from the above porcelain, providing more choices for disinfection centers that need special tableware.

Color-glazed porcelain is suitable for all kinds of tableware used in restaurants, gourmet and color-glazed porcelain dinner plates in one, enhance your dining experience and impress your guests with these beautiful tableware!


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