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The beauty of solid wood


The beauty of solid wood

Each tray has its own unique texture and tonality. Afternoon tea can be easily posed with solid wood plates and a variety of foods. With a little thought, life can be enriched. The comfort brought by solid wood is not only the color and texture, but also its natural atmosphere of freedom and tranquility.

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Suitable for any type of restaurant, Hotel, Bar, café shop, Wedding partyetc. 

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Fine workmanship, fine texture, waterproof and easy to clean, durable

Not easy to be deformed, cracked, anti-corrosion,

The shape is simple but not simple, advanced and elegant

Hand sanding feels smooth and comfortable

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What is exciting is the unique texture and natural touch of its logs. The wood can give people a natural feeling, with a slight fragrance, which makes people feel a peaceful and warm sense of belonging.

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