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Excellent Tableware Ideas -- Come to Ron Group


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A set of good-looking and practical tableware can actually bring a lot of goodwill to the restaurant, which is a bonus item for restaurants and a bonus item for consumers.
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The requirements for the "beauty" of tableware, in modern times, although food is important, the beauty of tableware is also essential. From simple and elegant ceramic tableware to delicate and smart glass tableware, we must choose some favorite tableware for the three meals a day in our daily life.

With the gradual improvement of the porcelain-making process, the improvement of people's aesthetic concepts and the improvement of practical requirements, the quality, shape and even patterns of the bowls have become more and more refined.

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Creative series, underglaze color retro hand-painted ceramic plate creative western restaurant flat plate dim sum fruit plate art porcelain plate dumpling dish. Simple and simple pure white series, with unique texture and feel, mostly used in Japanese cuisine, rich in texture

In theFrench girly style series, the girly style dining table now has romantic tones, patterns, and golden borders to create a luxurious feeling. Mostly used for tableware in dessert shops.


Exotic series, in addition to local restaurants, Thai, Vietnamese and other niche cuisine restaurants

You can choose a set of tableware with a local style to better match the restaurant's products.


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